Local Hosts   

If you are already a local host for one of our groups...

When you are ready to schedule your next event, send an email to our Event Coordinator (Glen Brauer). Our most successful groups have events on the same day of the week in order to be consistent. Please provide at least 14 days advanced notice which will provide one day for our coordinator to get to your email and it will provide at least 10 days advanced notice for our Meetup members to sign up. Please include the following information in your email:

1. The date, time and location of the event. (Please book the reservation under your first name).

2. The number of tables that you reserved (based on attendance from the previous event). The format for our events is 6 people per table. Most of our groups have 2-3 tables of 6 people per event.

3. The topic for the event. [View our current topics]


If you are thinking of becoming a local host....

The Meaningful Discussions Project is a not-for-profit project with the goal to increase the amount of meaningful discussions in cities around the world. [More about our mission].

We are currently using the Meetup system to promote our events. Click here to view the current groups that we've established in various cities.

We establish local hosts for each of our groups around the world for the following reasons:


1. Having a local host provides the ability for members to pay the small entrance fee when they arrive at the event. Many people have experienced problems paying for events using the PayPal system (especially outside of North America).

2. Having a local host has proven beneficial when it comes to making restaurant reservations for our events and to be the main contact person when our members arrive at events.

3. Having a local host has proven to increase the turnout for events which provides a better experience for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with being a local host for an event?

  • you would be able to pick the day, time and location of the event  - if there are multiple hosts then a regularly scheduled day/time/location will be decided between the local hosts (for example: the 2nd Sunday of the month) so that our members can anticipate when the next events will take place
  • you would make the restaurant reservation for the event
  • you would accept the small fee when members arrive to the event (and you would not be required to pay the entrance fee)


What is the role of the Event Coordinator (Glen Brauer)?

  •  pay the Meetup fees
  •  create and update the Meetup pages in the Meetup system
  •  maintain our web site and pay for our web hosting fees
  •  create the topics (based on suggestions from our members from around the world)
  •  research the topics and provide the Food for Thought videos
  •  create the discussion notes
  •  remove any disruptive members from the Meetup group based in feedback from our members
  •  respond to inquiries from existing members and potential members (managing emails from approximately 15,000 members including our Facebook group)

How are the entrance fees divided up?

This is based on the number of people who attended the event.

4-8 attendees you don't pay to attend, you keep 1 X the entrance fee and transfer the rest to us via PayPal
9-14 attendees you don't pay to attend, you keep 2 X the entrance fee and transfer the rest to us via PayPal
15-21 attendees you don't pay to attend, you keep 3 X the entrance fee and transfer the rest to us via PayPal
22-27 attendees you don't pay to attend, you keep 4 X the entrance fee and transfer the rest to us via PayPal
28-34 attendees you don't pay to attend, you keep 5 X the entrance fee and transfer the rest to us via PayPal

Click here to send money via PayPal using an email address

Please use this email address to send us payments via PayPal: payments@meaningfuldiscussions.org

If you are localed in China and you don't have access to PayPal then we can make other arrangements. Some of our local hosts also transfer these payments via interact email transfers instead of PayPal.


What is the entrance fee to attend our events?

  • $5.00 (Canadian Dollars)
  • $4.00 (US Dollars)
  • £2.50 (British Pounds)
  • €3.50 (Euros)
  • $5.00 (Australian Dollars)
  • ¥30 RMB (Chinese Yuan)
  • $5 BRL (Brazilian Real)


I’m interested in being a local host, what should I do?

Just send me an email at glen6490@gmail.com and I will send you more information including restaurant suggestions made by our members. Make sure to include the name of the Meetup group that you belong to in your email.


Glen Brauer
Founder, Facilitator and Event Coordinator
Meaningful Discussions

Our group in Shanghai owes its success to having some great local hosts.