Our Mission 

Our ongoing mission is to explore the art and science of meaningful discussions and initiate these discussions in cities around the world.
We believe that:

1. Nobody is born with good conversation skills but they are beneficial in all areas of life. As such, we incorporate specific intentions and structure for our discussions based on our experience coordinating hundreds of events in cities around the world.

2. All participants have an equal right to contribute and no specialized knowledge or background is required. We focus on sharing life experiences within a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive atmosphere.

3. Discussion topics need to be intriguing, practical and relevant in order to be able to compete with the ever-growing list of television shows and other less engaging activities which lead to social isolation. [View our current topics]

4. Meaningful discussions should inspire people and leave them with a more positive outlook, contrasting the disproportionate representation of negative news by the majority of news media.

5. Trust is earned especially when it comes to physical safety among strangers and so we only initiate events which take place in public venues (such as restaurants, community centres, etc) as opposed to scheduling events in private homes.

6. The world needs more meaningful discussions in order to increase our understanding of our differences, build community, and reduce fear and ignorance.


We implement this mission with the help of local hosts in cities around the world.