Our Team
Our ongoing mission is to initiate meaningful discussions in cities around the world.
About Us
The Meaningful Discussions Project is operated by The Meaningful Events Association which is a registered not-for-profit society in BC, Canada. The purpose of this association is to initiate face-to-face social events which are life-enriching and meaningful. Our team includes local facilitators located in cities around the world. We are proud to be working with various community centres in order to turn our vision into a reality.
Our Background
2012 - our first group was established in Toronto, Canada
2013 - many more groups were established in cities around the world under the groups: Philosophy Dinners and Psychology Dinners
2013-2016 - hundreds of events have taken place in cities around the world with feedback collected and analyzed from members
2016 - PD groups merge into The Meaningful Discussions Project with a refined structure and mission.
2020 - After the pandemic hit, we started building our own platform to host our events called Buddytree
2022 - We are now starting to expand our project into churches, schools and community centres
Glen Brauer is the founder of Meaningful Discussions and the Friendly Vancouver Project.
How are we different from other discussion groups?
1. Structure. Most other discussion groups have a free-form structure where everyone is seated at a long table or in one large group. Our events have multiple groups of 5-7 people per table where each participant takes turns asking the discussion questions.
2. Preparation Time. Most other discussion groups will provide a very brief outline of the topic. In contrast, we spend a lot of time creating topic packages which include Food For Thought videos and discussion questions.
3. Intention. Most discussion groups put more emphasis on the topic being discussed but not on actually creating a meaningful experience. In contrast, creating meaningful experiences is our primary focus and our mission.